Papers -- 8/25/2006

The survival and disruption of CDM micro-haloes: implications for direct and indirect detection experiments

Galaxy Clusters Associated with Short GRBs. I. The Fields of GRBs 050709, 050724, 050911 and 051221a

Intracluster Medium through three years of WMAP

Neutrino signals from the formation of black hole: a probe of equation of state of dense matter

Detection of point-like neutrino sources with the NEMO-km3 telescope

Baryon loading and the Weibel instability in gamma-ray bursts

Discovery of Extensive Optical Emission Associated with the X-ray Bright, Radio Faint Galactic SNR G156.2+5.7

Three component model of cosmic ray spectra from 10 GeV to 100 PeV

No-go theorem for k-essence dark energy

Colliders as a simultaneous probe of supersymmetric dark matter and Terascale cosmology

Papers -- 8/24/2006

The Anatomy of a Magnetar: XMM Monitoring of the Transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsar XTE J1810-197

Suzaku Observations of HESS J1616-508: Evidence for a Dark Particle Accelerator

Faint X-ray Structure in the Crab Pulsar-Wind Nebula

Astrophysical tau neutrino detection in kilometer-scale Cherenkov detectors via muonic tau decay

The Galactic magnetic field as spectrograph for ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Observations of the intense and ultra-long burst GRB041219a with the Germanium Spectrometer on INTEGRAL

Supersymmetry without the Desert

Notes on Perelman's papers

Ricci Flow and the Poincare Conjecture

Papers -- 8/23/2006

Finite extinction time for the solutions to the Ricci flow on certain three-manifolds

Ricci flow with surgery on three-manifolds

The entropy formula for the Ricci flow and its geometric applications

Spectroscopic Identification of Massive Galaxies at z~2.3 with Strongly Suppressed Star Formation

The First Stars in the Universe and Cosmic Reionization

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Analysis and Interpretation of Hard X-ray Emission from the Bullet Cluster (1E0657-56), the Most Distant Cluster of Galaxies Observed by RXTE

Astrophysics of extreme mass ratio inspiral sources

A current driven instability in parallel, relativistic shocks

Using Radio Bubbles to Constrain the Matter Content of AGN Jets

A three stage model for the inner engine of Gamma Ray Burst: Prompt emission and early afterglow

Are GRB 980425 and GRB 031203 real outliers or twins of GRB 060218?

Implications of Direct Dark Matter Constraints for Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Higgs Boson Searches at the Tevatron

Illuminating the Hidden Sector of String Theory by Shining Light through a Magnetic Field

Perfect match to the new experimental fine structure constant value

High Impact but Less Popular

The superburst recurrence time in luminous persistent LMXBs

Papers -- 8/22/2006

A direct empirical proof of the existence of dark matter

Strong and weak lensing united III: Measuring the mass distribution of the merging galaxy cluster 1E0657-56

Radioactive Probes of the Supernova-Contaminated Solar Nebula: Evidence that the Sun was Born in a Cluster

GRBs with the Swift satellite

Hard X-ray luminosity function and absorption distribution of nearby AGN: INTEGRAL all-sky survey

CANGAROO-III Observations of the supernova remnant RX J0852.0$-$4622

A statistically-selected Chandra sample of 20 galaxy clusters -- I. Temperature and cooling time profiles

Radiative pressure feedback by a quasar in a galactic bulge

Pinwheels in the Quintuplet Cluster

The precession of Mercury and the deflection of starlight by special relativity alone

Time resolved spectroscopy of GRB 021004 reveals a clumpy extended wind

GRB060614 is at High Redshift, So No New Class of Gamma-Ray Bursts is Required

The Turn-On of Mass Transfer in AM CVn Binaries: Implications for RX J0806+1527 and RX J1914+2456

Spitzer IRAC confirmation of z_850-dropout galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: stellar masses and ages at z~7

Threat Characterization: Trajectory Dynamics

Inverse Compton scattering on solar photons, heliospheric modulation, and neutrino astrophysics

The intergalactic propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic ray nuclei

Probing low-x QCD with cosmic neutrinos at the Pierre Auger Observatory

Response to the comment by N. Severijns, O. Zimmer, H.-F. Wirth and D. Rich regarding article "Observation of the neutron radiative decay" in JETP Letters 83(1) p.5

  • Authors: R.U. Khafizov (a), V.A. Solovei (b)a (RRC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia)b (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina, Russia)

Papers -- 8/21/2006

A Simple Test of the External Shock Model for the Prompt Emission in Gamma-Ray Bursts

The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: AEGIS Observations of a Dual AGN at z=0.7

A new interpretation of the remarkable X-ray spectrum of the symbiotic star CH Cyg

Phase-space distribution of unbound dark matter near the Sun

Microlensing of Lensed Supernovae

Unveiling the nature of INTEGRAL objects through optical spectroscopy. V. Identification and properties of 21 southern hard X-ray sources

Is there a problem with low energy SN1987A neutrinos?

Cosmic ray diffusion near the Bohm limit in the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant

Are Diffuse High Energy Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Starburst Galaxies Observable?

Power law blitzkrieg in Universal Extra Dimension scenario

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