tipa -- 10/29/2009

Discovery of extreme particle acceleration in the microquasar Cygnus X-3

The first accurate parallax distance to a black hole

Relic density and CMB constraints on dark matter annihilation with Sommerfeld enhancement

tipa -- 10/28/2009

The Deuterium Abundance in the Local Interstellar Medium

Collapsar Accretion and the Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Light Curve

SDSS J013655.91+242546.0 - an A-type hyper-velocity star from the outskirts of the Galaxy

Discriminating Strange Star Mergers from Neutron Star Mergers by Gravitational-Wave Measurements

tipa -- 10/27/2009

The Fermi Haze: A Gamma-Ray Counterpart to the Microwave Haze

Improved flux limits for neutrinos with energies above 10^22 eV from observations with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope

Getting the astrophysics and particle physics of dark matter out of next-generation direct detection experiments

The progenitor mass of the magnetar SGR1900+14

Fermi observations of TeV-selected AGN

Balancing the Cosmic Energy Budget: The Cosmic X-ray Background, Blazars and the Compton Thick AGN Fraction

A new measurement of the bulk flow of X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies

tipa -- 10/26/2009

Evolution of supermassive stars as a pathway to black hole formation

Limits on a muon flux from Kaluza-Klein dark matter annihilations in the Sun from the IceCube 22-string detector

The Indirect Search for Dark Matter with IceCube

Neutrino Oscillations, Lorentz/CPT Violation, and Dark Energy

tipa -- 10/20/2009

Typing Supernova Remnants Using X-ray Line Emission Morphologies

The Cosmic Rate, Luminosity Function and Intrinsic Correlations of Long GRBs

Intergalactic Magnetic Field and Arrival Direction of Ultra-High-Energy Protons

Fermi Large Area Telescope Gamma-Ray Detection of the Radio Galaxy M87

Shock-heating of stellar envelopes: A possible unifying mechanism at the origin of explosions and eruptions in massive stars

Could the Cosmological Recombination Spectrum Help Us Understand Annihilating Dark Matter?

tipa -- 10/19/2009

Low Energy Threshold Analysis of the Phase I and Phase II Data Sets of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Reionization and Cosmology with 21 cm Fluctuations

Discovery of a highly energetic pulsar associated with IGR J14003-6326 and a young uncataloged Galactic supernova remnant G310.6-1.6

Obtaining supernova directional information using the neutrino matter oscillation pattern

A Search for Core-Collapse Supernovae using the MiniBooNE Neutrino Detector

Possible Evidence For Dark Matter Annihilation In The Inner Milky Way From The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope

tipa -- 10/15/2009

How cold is Dark Matter? Constraints from Milky Way Satellites

Magnetic Field-Decay-Induced Electron Captures: a Strong Heat Source in Magnetar Crusts

High Resolution X-ray Observations of the Pulsar Wind Nebula Associated with the Gamma-ray Source HESS$ $J1640-465

tipa -- 10/14/2009

Stellar Feedback in Molecular Clouds and its Influence on the Mass Function of Young Star Clusters

Two Type Ic supernovae in low-metallicity, dwarf galaxies: diversity of explosions

Fermi LAT detection of pulsed gamma-rays from the Vela-like pulsars PSR J1048-5832 and PSR J2229+6114

On the Progenitor of the Type II-Plateau SN 2008cn in NGC 4603

Cen A as TeV gamma-ray and possible UHE cosmic-ray source

Searches for High Frequency Variations in the $^8$B Solar Neutrino Flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Threshold for Extended Emission in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

tipa -- 10/13/2009

On The Heavy Chemical Composition of the Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays

Simultaneous Multiwavelength observation of Mkn 501 in a low state in 2006

Neutrino and Antineutrino Inclusive Charged-current Cross Section Measurements with the MINOS Near Detector

High Energy Electron Signals from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Sun

classic papers of the week -- 119

Forms of Relativistic Dynamics

Dynamical Role of Light Neutral Leptons in Cosmology

  • S. Tremaine, J.E. Gunn (W. K. Kellogg Radiation Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA)

Vacuum Quantum Fluctuations in Curved Space and the Theory of Gravitation

tipa -- 10/9/2009

A new low mass for the Hercules dSph: the end of a common mass scale for the dwarfs?

Detecting neutrinos from black hole neutron stars mergers

Solar Gamma Rays Powered by Secluded Dark Matter

tipa -- 10/8/2009

BLAST: the far-infrared/radio correlation in distant galaxies

AKARI and BLAST Observations of the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant and Surrounding Interstellar Medium

classic papers of the week -- 118

Direct Approach to Resolve the Solar Neutrino Problem

  • H.H. Chen (Department of Physics, University of California, Irvine)

Gravitational Radiation and the Motion of Two Point Masses

Of flying frogs and levitrons

  • Berry, M. V. (H H Wills Physics Laboratory); Geim, A. K. (High Field Magnet Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Nijmegen)

tipa -- 10/2/2009

Very blue UV-continuum slopes of low luminosity z~7 galaxies from WFC3/IR: Evidence for extremely low metallicities?

Black hole mergers: the first light

Robust Neutrino Constraints by Combining Low Redshift Observations with the CMB

A Direct Measurement of the IGM Opacity to HI Ionizing Photons

The Far-Infrared--Radio Correlation at High Redshifts: Physical Considerations and Prospects for the Square Kilometer Array

Accurate calculations of the WIMP halo around the Sun and prospects for its gamma ray detection

Supernova Kicks and Misaligned Microquasars

Mysterious transients unmasked as the bright blue death throes of massive stars

Galaxy Formation In The Reionization Epoch As Hinted By Wide Field Camera 3 Observations Of The Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Particle-in-cell simulation of a mildly relativistic collision of an electron-ion plasma carrying a quasi-parallel magnetic field: Electron acceleration and magnetic field amplification at supernova shocks

High-energy emission as a test of the prior emission model for gamma-ray burst afterglows