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Optical Intensity Interferometry with the Cherenkov Telescope Array

The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey IV: Candidates for isolated high-mass star formation in 30 Doradus

The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies Survey: Constraints on the Bright End of the z~8 Luminosity Function

Wide-band Simultaneous Observations of Pulsars: Disentangling Dispersion Measure and Profile Variations

The Search for a Primordial Magnetic Field

Precise Relic WIMP Abundance and its Impact on Searches for Dark Matter Annihilation

Binary Neutron Star Mergers

tipa -- 4/17/2012

An Investigation into the Character of Pre-Explosion Core-Collapse Supernova Shock Motion

First Dark Matter Search Results from a 4-kg CF$_3$I Bubble Chamber Operated in a Deep Underground Site

Common Envelope Evolution Leading to Supernovae with Dense Interaction

Missing Dark Matter in the Local Universe

Evidence for Low Extinction in Actively Star Forming Galaxies at z$>$6.5

A Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Low-Energy CDMS Data

Star Formation in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies

tipa -- 4/16/2012

The hidden AGN main sequence: Evidence for a universal SMBH accretion to star formation rate ratio since z~2 producing a M_BH-M* relation

Universal IMF vs dark halo response in early-type galaxies: breaking the degeneracy with the fundamental plane

Variations in the Stellar IMF: from Bottom to Top

Is IGR J11014-6103 a Pulsar with the Highest Known Kick Velocity?

SimProp: a Simulation Code for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Propagation

VVV-WIT-01: An Extreme Transient of Unknown Astrophysical Origin in the VVV Survey

tipa -- 4/12/2012

The gamma-ray emission region in the FRII Radio Galaxy 3C 111

A highly magnified candidate for a young galaxy seen when the Universe was 500 Myrs old

Near-infrared observations of type Ia supernovae: The best known standard candle for cosmology

Multimessengers from core-collapse supernovae: multidimensionality as a key to bridge theory and observation

Metallicity effects on the cosmic SNIb/c and GRB rates

Cosmological lepton asymmetry with a nonzero mixing angle θ_{13}

Support for the thermal origin of the Pioneer anomaly