tipa -- 3/31/2011

The End of Helium Reionization at z~2.7 Inferred from Cosmic Variance in HST/COS HeII Lyman Alpha Absorption Spectra

Antimatter production in supernova remnants

A Robust Approach to Constraining Dark Matter from Gamma-Ray Data

Gravity modes as a way to distinguish between hydrogen- and helium-burning red giant stars

Solar neutrino-electron scattering as background limitation for double beta decay

First Evidence for the Suppressed Decay B- -> DK-, D -> K+pi-

Measurements of Direct CP Violating Asymmetries in Charmless Decays of Strange Bottom Mesons and Bottom Baryons

tipa -- 3/30/2011

The correlation structure of dark matter halo properties

High Energy Neutrino Emission from the Earliest Gamma-Ray Bursts

The Discovery and Nature of Optical Transient CSS100217:102913+404220

Internal gamma gamma-opacity in Active Galactic Nuclei and the consequences for the TeV observations of M87 and Cen A

A search for Very High Energy gamma-ray emission from Sco X-1 with the MAGIC telescopes

Observations of the young supernova remnant RX J1713.7-3946 with the Fermi Large Area Telescope

tipa -- 3/29/2011

Cosmological and Astrophysical Neutrino Mass Measurements

High energy cosmic-ray interactions with particles from the Sun

WIMP astronomy with liquid-noble and cryogenic direct-detection experiments

Supernova discoveries 2010: statistics and trends

Extended X-ray emission in the vicinity of the microquasar LS 5039: pulsar wind nebula?

A Second Relativistic Mean Field and Virial Equation of State for Astrophysical Simulations

Non-relativistic radiation mediated shock breakouts: II. Bolometric properties of SN shock breakout

The neutrino spectral split in core-collapse supernovae: a magnetic resonance phenomenon

The Progenitor-Independent Nature of Gamma-Ray Burst Pulses

Mass measurements of very neutron-deficient Mo and Tc isotopes and their impact on rp process nucleosynthesis

tipa -- 3/28/2011

A cross-correlation study of the Fermi-LAT $\gamma$-ray diffuse extragalactic signal

The Physics of the Neutrino Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae

The Vela and Geminga pulsars in the mid-infrared

Suzaku Detection of Diffuse Hard X-Ray Emission outside Vela X

Formation of millisecond pulsars with CO white dwarf companions - I. PSR J1614-2230: Evidence for a neutron star born massive

Coherent Neutrino Scattering in Dark Matter Detectors

classic papers of the week -- 189

Electron Screening and Thermonuclear Reactions

  • Salpeter, E. E. (Research School of Physical Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra)

The Effect of Wave-Particle Interactions on the Propagation of Cosmic Rays

A Production of Amino Acids under Possible Primitive Earth Conditions

tipa -- 3/25/2011

Imprint of Accretion Disk-Induced Migration on Gravitational Waves from Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals

Revealing local failed supernovae with neutrino telescopes

Astrophysical parameters of LS2883 and implications for the PSR B1259-63 gamma-ray binary

Possible Origin of Rapid Variability of Gamma-Ray Bursts due to Convective Energy Transfer in Hyperaccretion Disks

Gamma-ray bursts afterglows in magnetized stellar winds

Consistency Test of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with one Isotope

Arrival time and magnitude of airborne fission products from the Fukushima, Japan, reactor incident as measured in Seattle, WA, USA

tipa -- 3/24/2011

The ANTARES Telescope Neutrino Alert System

Local Group Dwarf Galaxies: Nature And Nurture

Testing matter effects in propagation of atmospheric and long-baseline neutrinos

Perturbation Theory of Neutrino Oscillation for Long-Baseline Experiments

New Constraints (and Motivations) for Abelian Gauge Bosons in the MeV-TeV Mass Range

Are there sterile neutrinos at the eV scale?

tipa -- 3/22/2011

PAMELA Measurements of Cosmic-ray Proton and Helium Spectra

Magnetic fields in massive stars, their winds, and their nebulae

Electron capture rates in a plasma

Contribution of the Gamma-ray Loud Radio Galaxies Core Emissions to the Cosmic MeV and GeV Gamma-Ray Background Radiation

Catalog of Nearby Isolated Galaxies in the Volume z < 0.01

Final results of the EDELWEISS-II WIMP search using a 4-kg array of cryogenic germanium detectors with interleaved electrodes

Discovery of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Binary System PSR B1259-63/SS 2883 Around Periastron with Fermi

Search for New Physics in Dijet Mass and Angular Distributions in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV Measured with the ATLAS Detector

tipa -- 3/21/2011

Will black hole-neutron star binary inspirals tell us about the neutron star equation of state?

Constraining Emissivity of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays in the Distant Universe with the Diffuse Gamma-ray Emission

The 44Ti-powered spectrum of SN 1987A

The gauge-string duality and heavy ion collisions

tipa -- 3/18/2011

Metallicity Gradient of a Lensed Face-on Spiral Galaxy at Redshift 1.49

Mechanisms of Baryon Loss for Dark Satellites in Cosmological SPH Simulations

Interstellar Sonic and Alfvénic Mach Numbers and the Tsallis Distribution

Cooling Rates for Relativistic Electrons Undergoing Compton Scattering in Strong Magnetic Fields

GRBs on probation: testing the UHE CR paradigm with IceCube

Observation of Diffuse Cosmic and Atmospheric Gamma Rays at Balloon Altitudes with an Electron-tracking Compton Camera

A comparison between the low-energy spectra from CoGeNT and CDMS

Extragalactic Very-High-Energy gamma-ray background

Dark Matter Detection With Electron Neutrinos in Liquid Scintillation Detectors

Observation of the antimatter helium-4 nucleus

tipa -- 3/17/2011

A VLA search for 5 GHz radio transients and variables at low Galactic latitudes

A more accurate numerical scheme for diffusive shock acceleration

A Magnetar Strength Surface Magnetic Field for the Slowly Spinning Down SGR 0418+5729

Asymmetry and the Nucleosynthetic Signature of Nearly Edge-Lit Detonation in White Dwarf Cores

Effects of Neutral Hydrogen on Cosmic Ray Precursors in Supernova Remnant Shock Waves

Gamma-ray observations of the Be/pulsar binary 1A 0535+262 during a giant X-ray outburst

Search for a Dark Matter annihilation signal from the Galactic Center halo with H.E.S.S

Odd Tracks at Hadron Colliders

Neutrino Physics with Dark Matter Experiments and the Signature of New Baryonic Neutral Currents

Combined CDF and D0 Upper Limits on Standard Model Higgs Boson Production with up to 8.2 fb-1 of Data

tipa -- 3/15/2011

The formation of the eccentric-orbit millisecond pulsar J1903+0327 and the origin of single millisecond pulsars

The bright unidentified gamma-ray source 1FGL J1227.9-4852: Can it be associated with an LMXB?

Understanding hadronic gamma-ray emission from supernova remnants

Prospects for a Dark Matter annihilation signal towards the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy with ground based Cherenkov telescopes

Search for First Harmonic Modulation in the Right Ascension Distribution of Cosmic Rays Detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory

WMAP7 and future CMB constraints on annihilating dark matter: implications on GeV-scale WIMPs

Elliptic flow in 200 A GeV Au+Au collisions and 2.76 A TeV Pb+Pb collisions: insights from viscous hydrodynamics + hadron cascade hybrid model

The Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector