tipa -- 9/1/2009

First-year Sloan Digital Sky Survey-II (SDSS-II) Supernova Results: Hubble Diagram and Cosmological Parameters

Production of 26Al, 44Ti, and 60Fe in Core-Collapse Supernovae: Sensitivity to the Rates of the Triple Alpha and 12C(a,g)16O Reactions

Radial Distribution of X-ray Point Sources near the Galactic Center

Nuclear Security Applications of Antineutrino Detectors: Current Capabilities and Future Prospects

tipa -- 8/31/2009

A Maximum Stellar Surface Density in Dense Stellar Systems

Identification of the Early Fermi LAT Gamma-Ray Bright Objects with Extragalactic VLBI sources

Near-IR Search for Lensed Supernovae Behind Galaxy Clusters: I. Observations and transient detection efficiency

Constraints on Extragalactic Point Source Flux from Diffuse Neutrino Limits

Relativistic Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics

tipa -- 8/25/2009

Evidence for a Triaxial Milky Way Dark Matter Halo from the Sagittarius Stellar Tidal Stream

Synthetic Spectra from PIC Simulations of Relativistic Collisionless Shocks

Quasar Feedback from WMAP and SDSS Cross-Correlation

Three-Dimensional Simulations of Mixing Instabilities in Supernova Explosions

Nuclear physics for geo-neutrino studies

Reassessment of the NuTeV determination of the Weinberg angle

An Improved Standard Model Prediction Of BR(B -> tau nu) And Its Implications For New Physics

tipa -- 8/24/2009

Accurate Masses for Dispersion-supported Galaxies

Optical Spectroscopy of Bright Fermi LAT Blazars

Frequency Limits on Naked-Eye Optical Transients Lasting from Minutes to Years

classic papers of the week -- 113

The Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum

The origin of dwarf galaxies, cold dark matter, and biased galaxy formation

  • Dekel, A. (Yale University and Weizmann Institute of Science); Silk, J. (University of California, Berkeley)

Super Collider Physics

tipa -- 8/21/2009

Interstellar Metastable Helium Absorption as a Probe of the Cosmic-Ray Ionization Rate

Discovery of a Relativistic Supernova Without a Gamma-ray Trigger­

The High-Metallicity Explosion Environment of the Relativistic Supernova 2009bb

Modeling gamma-ray burst observations by Fermi and MAGIC including attenuation due to diffuse background light

The Early Asymmetries of Supernova 2008D / XRF 080109

A Search for Invisible Decays of the Upsilon(1S)

Search for a Narrow Resonance in e+e- to Four Lepton Final States

tipa -- 8/20/2009

Radio detection of LAT PSRs J1741-2054 and J2032+4127: no longer just gamma-ray pulsars

Insight Into the Formation of the Milky Way Through Cold Halo Substructure. I. The ECHOS of Milky Way Formation

tipa -- 8/19/2009

Out of the frying pan: a young pulsar with a long radio trail emerging from SNR G315.9-0.0

Extragalactic gamma-ray background radiation from dark matter annihilation

A New Approach to Searching for Dark Matter Signals in Fermi-LAT Gamma Rays

A Non-thermal WIMP Miracle

Spectra of magnetic fluctuations and relativistic particles produced by a nonresonant wave instability in supernova remnant shocks

Using Atom Interferometery to Search for New Forces

A limit for the mu -> e gamma decay from the MEG experiment

tipa -- 8/13/2009

Ultra Relativistic Particle Collisions

CANGAROO-III Observation of TeV Gamma Rays from the vicinity of PSR B1706-44

Pulsar science with the Five hundred metre Aperture Spherical Telescope

SN2003bg: a broad-lined Type IIb Supernova with Hydrogen

  • Authors: Paolo A. Mazzali (1,2,3,4), Jinsong Deng (5), Mario Hamuy (6), Ken'ichi Nomoto (7) ((1) Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy, (2) INAF-OAPd, Italy, (3) MPA, Garching, Germany, (4) RESCEU, U. Tokyo, Japan, (5) NAO CAS, Beijing, China, (6) Astronomy Dept., U. Chile, (7) IPMU, U. Tokyo, Japan)

2003bg: The First Type IIb Hypernova

Light Dark Matter Detection Prospects at Neutrino Experiments

tipa -- 8/12/2009

Probing Cold Dense Nuclear Matter

A Point-Source Catalog from Swift Observations of Unidentified Fermi Sources

  • Authors: N. Mirabal (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

The Star Formation History of the Large Magellanic Cloud