tipa -- 10/29/2008

Improved Standardization of Type II-P Supernovae: Application to an Expanded Sample

A new measurement of the antiproton-to-proton flux ratio up to 100 GeV in the cosmic radiation

Observation of an anomalous positron abundance in the cosmic radiation

Tycho Brahe's 1572 supernova as a standard type Ia explosion revealed from its light echo spectrum

Hanohano: A Deep Ocean Anti-Neutrino Detector for Unique Neutrino Physics and Geophysics Studies

tipa -- 10/28/2008

Non-linear Study of Bell's Cosmic Ray Current-driven Instability

Discovery of a very high energy gamma-ray signal from the 3C 66A/B region

Disentangling Neutrino Oscillations

On the possible causes of a rise with energy of the cosmic ray positron fraction

Physics of the ALICE experiment at the LHC

tipa -- 10/27/2008

Simultaneous polarization monitoring of SN2007uy and the axisymmetric SN2008D/XRF080109: isolating geometry from dust

tipa -- 10/24/2008

A low-frequency radio halo associated with a cluster of galaxies

tipa -- 10/23/2008

Nucleosynthesis in Electron Capture Supernovae of AGB Stars

Radiative cooling in relativistic collisionless shocks. Can simulations and experiments probe relevant GRB physics?

tipa -- 10/22/2008

Old-Population Hypervelocity Stars from the Galactic Center: Limits from the SDSS

Alas, the dark matter structures were not that trivial

On the Origin of the 511 keV Emission in the Galactic Centre

Fossil remnants of reionization in the halo of the Milky Way

Oscillation and Future Detection of Failed Supernova Neutrinos from Black Hole Forming Collapse

X-ray studies of HESS J1837--069 with Suzaku and ASCA: a VHE gamma-ray source originated from the pulsar wind nebula

Multi-Tev Gamma-Ray Observation from the Crab Nebula Using the Tibet-III Air Shower Array Finely Tuned by the Cosmic-Ray Moon's Shadow

  • Authors: M. Amenomori, et al (The Tibet AS Gamma Collaboration)

The SNO+ Experiment

Recent Progress in Formal Theory

tipa -- 10/21/2008

Early Annihilation and Diffuse Backgrounds in 1/v WIMP models

Inspiralling Supermassive Black Holes: A New Signpost for Galaxy Mergers

Limits on an Energy Dependence of the Speed of Light from a Flare of the Active Galaxy PKS 2155-304

First Results from the PAMELA Space Mission

MAGIC upper limits on the VHE gamma-ray emission from the satellite galaxy Willman 1

The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope discovers the Pulsar in the Young Galactic Supernova-Remnant CTA 1

Recent Results from KamLAND

tipa -- 10/20/2008

Cosmic Analogues of the Stern-Gerlach Experiment and the Detection of Light Bosons

Cosmological Inflation: Theory and Observations

tipa -- 10/17/2008

TeV Gamma Rays from Geminga and the Origin of the GeV Positron Excess

The Destruction of Thin Stellar Disks Via Cosmologically Common Mergers

Proving Inflation: A Bootstrap Approach

Discovery of a very highly extinguished supernova in a luminous infrared galaxy

Propagation and Source Energy Spectra of Cosmic-Ray Nuclei at High Energies

tipa -- 10/16/2008

Neutron-Rich Freeze-Out in Viscously Spreading Accretion Disks Formed from Compact Object Mergers

The Star Formation Law in Nearby Galaxies on Sub-Kpc Scales

Time evolution of the line emission from the inner circumstellar ring of SN 1987A and its hot spots

Discovery of gamma-ray emission from the shell-type supernova remnant RCW 86 with H.E.S.S

Prospects of neutrino oscillation measurements in the detection of reactor antineutrinos with a medium-baseline experiment

tipa -- 10/15/2008

GRB 080913 at redshift 6.7

Gamma-Ray Burst at the extreme: "the naked-eye burst" GRB 080319B

Constraints to Energy Spectra of Blazars based on Recent EBL Limits from Galaxy Counts

tipa -- 10/10/2008

The Mass and Radius of the Neutron Star in EXO 1745-248

Pulsars as the Sources of High Energy Cosmic Ray Positrons

X-Ray Observation of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Source, HESS J1745-303, with Suzaku

On the Origin of TeV Gamma-ray Emission from HESS J1834-087

Pulsar Timing for the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Probing the radio to X-ray connection of the Vela X PWN with Fermi LAT and t H.E.S.S

tipa -- 10/9/2008

High-Resolution Timing Observations of Spin-Powered Pulsars with the AGILE Gamma-Ray Telescope

On the birthrates of Galactic neutron stars

SN 2001em: Not so Fast

The Gamma-Ray-Flux Probability Distribution Function from Galactic Halo Substructure

tipa -- 10/3/2008

A planetary nebula around nova V458 Vul undergoing flash ionization

Deep MERLIN 5GHz Radio Imaging of Supernova Remnants in the M82 Starburst

All-sky LIGO Search for Periodic Gravitational Waves in the Early S5 Data

tipa -- 10/2/2008

Discovery of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Pulsations from PSR J2021+3651 with AGILE

Tools for Dissecting Supernova Remnants Observed with Chandra: Methods and Application to the Galactic Remnant W49B

The effect of progenitor age and metallicity on luminosity and 56Ni yield in Type Ia supernovae

Gamma ray emission from SNR RX J1713.7-3946 and the origin of galactic cosmic rays

Measurement of the Double Beta Decay Half-life of 150-Nd and Search for Neutrinoless Decay Modes with the NEMO-3 Detector