tipa -- 5/21/2009

A dedicated Chandra ACIS observation of the central compact object in the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant

Observation of Extended VHE Emission from the Supernova Remnant IC 443 with VERITAS

Unanswered Questions in the Electroweak Theory

Test of Lorentz invariance with spin precession of ultracold neutrons

tipa -- 5/20/2009

Evidence for long-term Gamma-ray and X-ray variability from the unidentified TeV source HESS J0632+057

Initiation of the detonation in the gravitationally confined detonation model of Type Ia supernovae

Gamma-Ray Burst Luminosity Functions Based On a Newly Discovered Correlation Between Peak Spectral Energy and V/V_max

Testing astrophysical models for the PAMELA positron excess with cosmic ray nuclei

Renaissance of the ~1 TeV Fixed-Target Program