classic papers of the week -- 18

Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

Thresholds for Creation of Particles

  • Feshbach, H. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts), Schiff, L. I. (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Particles, environments, and possible ecologies in the Jovian atmosphere

tipa -- 4/13/2007

A Search for Electron Neutrino Appearance at the Delta m**2 ~ 1 eV**2 Scale

The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. The Assembly History of the Stellar Mass in Galaxies: from the Young to the Old Universe

GRB 061121: Broadband spectral evolution through the prompt and afterglow phases of a bright burst

Exciting the Magnetosphere of the Magnetar CXOU J164710.2-455216 in Westerlund 1

tipa -- 4/3/2007

Discovery of a point-like very-high-energy gamma-ray source in Monoceros

An online repository of Swift/XRT light curves of GRBs

The Return of a Static Universe and the End of Cosmology