tipa -- 12/1/2006

Preliminary Results from the Caltech Core-Collapse Project (CCCP)

A Survey for Supernovae in Massive High-Redshift Clusters

Analytical Models for the Energetics of Cosmic Accretion Shocks, their Cosmological Evolution, and the Effect of Environment

Precise constraints on the dark matter content of Milky Way dwarf galaxies for gamma-ray experiments

Transitive X-ray spectrum and PeV gamma-ray cutoff in the M87 jet: Electron "Pevatron"

Starburst Galaxies

Resolving the Galactic X-ray background

Are monopoles hiding in monopolium?

tipa -- 11/30/2006

SGRs in nearby galaxies: rate, luminosity function and fraction among short GRBs

Recent results from Yakutsk experiment: development of EAS, energy spectrum and primary particle mass composition in the energy region of 10^15-10^19 eV

The Galactic positron flux and dark matter substructures

The population of radio sources in the field of the unidentified gamma-ray source TeV J2032+4130

Study on Cosmic Ray Background Rejection with a 30 m Stand-Alone IACT using Non-parametric Multivariate Methods in a sub-100 GeV Energy Range

Cosmic Neutrinos from the Sources of Galactic and Extragalactic Cosmic Rays

Gamma Ray Burst Neutrinos Probing Quantum Gravity

The vicissitudes of "cannonballs": a response to criticisms by A.M. Hillas and a brief review of our claims

Fractional Brane State in the Early Universe

Recent Results from RHIC & Some Lessons for Cosmic-Ray Physicists

tipa -- 11/27/2006

A Possible Origin of the Mass-Metallicity Relation of Galaxies

Observations of the Unidentified TeV Gamma-Ray Source TeV J2032+4130 with the Whipple Observatory 10 m Telescope

TeV J2032+4130: a not-so-dark Accelerator?

The circumburst environment of a FRED GRB: study of the prompt emission and X-ray/optical afterglow of GRB 051111

Pre-supernova mass loss predictions for massive stars

Hidden Trigger for the Giant Starburst Arc in M 83?

ISM studies of GRB 030329 with high resolution spectroscopy

Neutrino astronomy with IceCube and AMANDA

Gamma-ray burst afterglows

Observation of Exclusive Electron-Positron Production in Hadron-Hadron Collisions

Neutrino Flavor States and the Quantum Theory of Neutrino Oscillations

The double Compton emissivity in a mildly relativistic thermal plasma within the soft photon limit

thanksgiving tipa -- 11/23/2006

The Spitzer Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud: FIR Emission and Cold Gas in the SMC

Rapid-Response Mode VLT/UVES spectroscopy of GRB060418: Conclusive evidence for UV pumping from the time evolution of FeII and NiII excited- and metastable-level populations

Discovery of TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Cygnus Region of the Galaxy

UHECRs deflections in the IRAS PSCz catalogue based models of extragalactic magnetic field

WIMPs search by exclusive measurements with thin multilayer NaI(Tl) scintillators (PICO-LON)

Regions of star formation as gamma-ray sources: Analytic formulae for hadronic production in a single stellar wind

Science Potential of a Deep Ocean Antineutrino Observatory

Neutrino Phenomenology, Dark Energy and Leptogenesis from pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Bosons

The ArDM project: a Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiment based on Liquid Argon

Is there a problem with low energy SN1987A neutrinos?

tipa -- 11/10/2006

MHD Simulations of Accretion onto Sgr A*: Quiescent Fluctuations, Outbursts, and Quasi-Periodicity

Unidentified EGRET Sources and the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background

Population Studies of the Unidentified EGRET Sources

SWIFT observations of TeV BL Lac objects

The Star Formation History of the Universe

Observations of the Li, Be, and B isotopes and constraints on cosmic-ray propagation

A metal rich molecular cloud surrounds GRB 050904 at redshift 6.3

Implications of a GRB-Metallicity Anti-Correlation for Cosmogenic Neutrinos

Models of Neutrino Masses and Mixings