classic papers of the week -- 147

Fine Structure of the Hydrogen Atom by a Microwave Method

The Physical State of Interstellar Hydrogen

An Account of Mr. Benjamin Franklin's Treatise, Lately Published, Intituled, Experiments and Observations on Electricity, Made at Philadelphia in America

tipa -- 4/30/2010

A Search for Scalar Chameleons with ADMX

Comparing the Dark Matter Halos of Spiral, Low Surface Brightness and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies

Using the Rosat Catalogue to find Counterparts for Unidentified Objects in the 1st Fermi/LAT Catalogue

Comments on recent work on dark-matter capture in the Solar System

The most massive objects in the Universe

tipa -- 4/29/2010

Integrated Nucleosynthesis in Neutrino Driven Winds

Are C-rich ultra iron poor stars also He-rich?

Tidal Love Numbers of Neutron and Self-Bound Quark Stars

GRB 090926A and Bright Late-time Fermi LAT GRB Afterglows

tipa -- 4/28/2010

Repeating Tidal Disruption of Stars as a Prompt Electromagnetic Signature of Supermassive Black Hole Coalescence

tipa -- 4/27/2010

Direct measurement of dark matter halo ellipticity from two-dimensional lensing shear maps of 25 massive clusters

Relic proto-stellar disks and the origin of luminous circumstellar interaction in core collapse supernovae

Acceleration of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays in the Colliding Shells of Blazars and GRBs: Constraints from the Fermi Gamma ray Space Telescope

Uncertainties in the nu p-process: supernova dynamics versus nuclear physics

Theories of the solar cycle : a critical view

Light Gravitinos at Colliders and Implications for Cosmology

tipa -- 4/26/2010

The Morphology of the Galactic Dark Matter Synchrotron Emission with Self-Consistent Cosmic Ray Diffusion Models

Neutrinos in Non-linear Structure Formation - The Effect on Halo Properties

Charged-Particle Thermonuclear Reaction Rates: I. Monte Carlo Method and Statistical Distributions

tipa -- 4/20/2010

Discovery of the nearby long, soft GRB 100316D with an associated supernova

Fermi Detection of the Pulsar Wind Nebula HESS J1640-465

A Core-Collapse Supernova Model for the Extremely Luminous Type Ic Supernova 2007bi: An Alternative to the Pair-Instability Supernova Model

The Swift Burst Analyser I: BAT and XRT spectral and flux evolution of Gamma Ray Bursts

An extremely metal poor Damped Lyman-alpha system revealed through GRB 090926A

Using cosmic neutrinos to search for non-perturbative physics at the Pierre Auger Observatory

tipa -- 4/19/2010

Ultracold Neutron Production in a Pulsed Neutron Beam Line

Dynamical constraints on the origin of the young B-stars in the Galactic center

The cut-sky cosmic microwave background is not anomalous

A Bound on the Light Emitted During the TP-AGB Phase

Time-dependent particle acceleration in supernova remnants in different environments

Structure of a strong supernova shock wave and rapid electron acceleration confined in its transition region

Numerical models of collisions between core-collapse supernovae and circumstellar shells

Suzaku Observations of Luminous Quasars: Revealing the Nature of High-Energy Blazar Emission in Quiescent States

Afterglow Observations of Fermi-LAT Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Emerging Class of Hyper-Energetic Events

tipa -- 4/14/2010

Star Formation Signatures in Optically Quiescent Early-type Galaxies

The End of the Rainbow: What Can We Say About the Extragalactic Sub-Megahertz Radio Sky?

Population III Gamma Ray Bursts

Multi-wavelength Observations of H 2356-309

First detection of VHE gamma-rays from SN 1006 by H.E.S.S

INTEGRAL deep observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud

tipa -- 4/13/2010

A High-Frequency Search for Pulsars Within the Central Parsec of SgrA*

  • Authors: J-P. Macquart (1,2), N. Kanekar (3,4), D. Frail (4), S. Ransom (4) ((1) California Institute of Technology, USA, (2) ICRAR/Curtin University of Technology, Australia, (3) National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, India, (4) National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA)

The Hubble Constant

Sensitivity analyses of dense cloud chemical models

Multimessenger astronomy with the Einstein Telescope

Dark Matter Subhalos In the Fermi First Source Catalog

Neutrino Oscillations and Entanglement

tipa -- 4/8/2010

Acceleration of an Impulsive High-Sigma Relativistic Flow: the Magnetic Rocket Effect

The Electron Injection Spectrum Determined by Anomalous Cosmic Ray, Gamma Ray, and Microwave Signals

Lifetime Constraints for Late Dark Matter Decay

Search for an extended VHE gamma-ray emission from Mrk 421 and Mrk 501 with the MAGIC Telescope

Antimatter spectra from a time-dependent modeling of supernova remnants

Discrepant hardening observed in cosmic-ray elemental spectra

GRB 021004: Tomography of a gamma-ray burst progenitor and its host galaxy

Optical Scattering Lengths in Large Liquid-Scintillator Neutrino Detectors

Indirect search for dark matter with micrOMEGAs2.4