tipa -- 5/30/2008

Time-Dependent Models of Accretion Disks Formed from Compact Object Mergers

The Dark Matter Annihilation Signal from Galactic Substructure: Predictions for GLAST

The Star Formation Rate - Dense Gas Relation in Galaxies as Measured by HCN (3-2) Emission

The Cassiopeia A Supernova was of Type IIB

Scattered-Light Echoes from the Historical Galactic Supernovae Cassiopeia A and Tycho (SN 1572)

Comparison of cosmic ray flux at sqrt(s) > 14 TeV with LHC luminosity

tipa -- 5/29/2008

Supernovae in Early-Type Galaxies: Directly Connecting Age and Metallicity with Type Ia Luminosity

Upper limits on the diffuse supernova neutrino flux from the SuperKamiokande data

classic papers of the week -- 68

Light Pulses from the Night Sky associated with Cosmic Rays

Visible Radiation Produced by Electrons Moving in a Medium with Velocities Exceeding that of Light

  • Čerenkov, P. A. (The Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of U.S.S.R., Moscow)

Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid

tipa -- 5/16/2008

From Shock Breakout to Peak and Beyond: Extensive Panchromatic Observations of the Aspherical Type Ib Supernova 2008D associated with Swift X-ray Transient 080109

Effect of energy deposited by cosmic-ray particles on interferometric gravitational wave detectors

Current NuMI/MINOS Oscillation Results

tipa -- 5/14/2008

A comment on the Auger events correlation with AGN

Measurement of cosmic-ray low-energy antiproton spectrum with the first BESS-Polar Antarctic flight

The type IIb SN 2008ax: the nature of the progenitor

Compatibility of high-$\Delta \mathrm{m}^2$ $\nue$ and $\nuebar$ neutrino oscillation searches

tipa -- 5/13/2008

Effects of gravitational-wave recoil on the dynamics and growth of supermassive black holes

Neutrinos from active black holes, sources of ultra high energy cosmic rays

GRB 080319B: A Naked-Eye Stellar Blast from the Distant Universe