tipa -- 11/29/2011

Calcium-rich gap transients in the remote outskirts of galaxies

An improved map of the Galactic Faraday sky

Ring-like features in directional dark matter detection

Cosmic microwave background constraints on the duration and timing of reionization from the South Pole Telescope

Very High Angular Resolution Science with the Square Kilometre Array

Detection of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303 in a low flux state at Very High Energy gamma-rays with the MAGIC Telescopes in 2009

tipa -- 11/28/2011

A New Time-Dependent Finite Difference Method for Relativistic Shock Acceleration

In pursuit of gamma-ray burst progenitors: the identification of a sub-population of rotating Wolf-Rayet stars

PSR J1841-0500: a radio pulsar that mostly is not there

Soft nuclear equation-of-state from heavy-ion data and implications for compact stars

Geo-neutrinos as indicators of the origin and thermal history of the Earth

Allan R. Sandage, 18 June 1926 - 13 November 2010

tipa -- 11/22/2011

Probing the neutrino mass hierarchy with the rise time of a supernova burst

Contemporaneous VLBA 5 GHz Observations of LAT-Detected Blazars

The Fast and Faint SN 2010bh Associated with GRB 100316D

Voids as Alternatives to Dark Energy and the Propagation of Gamma Rays through the Universe

Extended clustering analyses to constrain the deflection angular scale and source density of the ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

Neutral pion emission from accelerated protons in the supernova remnant W44

The non-thermal emission of extended radio galaxy lobes with curved electron spectra

Type-Ia supernova rates and the progenitor problem, a review

Nuclear correlations and the r-process

tipa -- 11/21/2011

Evidence for dark matter contraction and a Salpeter IMF in a massive early-type galaxy

Multiwavelength Constraints on Pulsar Populations in the Galactic Center

Constraining Sterile Neutrino Warm Dark Matter with Chandra Observations of the Andromeda Galaxy

The peak energy of dissipative GRB photospheres

PSR J2030+3641: radio discovery and gamma-ray study of a middle-aged pulsar in the now identified Fermi-LAT source 1FGL J2030.0+3641

Statistical Tests of Noise and Harmony in Dark Matter Modulation Signals

tipa -- 11/15/2011

An Excursion-Set Model for the Structure of GMCs and the ISM

The X-ray Counterpart of the High-B Pulsar PSR J0726-2612

Unusual Central Engine Activity in the Double Burst GRB 110709B

Eccentric black hole-neutron star mergers: effects of black hole spin and equation of state

The Orbit and Companion of Probable gamma-ray Pulsar J2339-0533

Anisotropy of TeV Cosmic Rays and the Outer Heliospheric Boundaries

High-Resolution Simulations of Convection Preceding Ignition in Type Ia Supernovae Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Simultaneous multi-wavelength campaign on PKS 2005-489 in a high state

Gamma-ray burst afterglow scaling relations for the full blast wave evolution

Olber's Paradox for Superluminal Neutrinos: Constraining ExtremeNeutrino Speeds at TeV-ZeV Energies with the Diffuse Neutrino Background

tipa -- 11/14/2011

The Cosmic Abundance of Classical Milky Way Satellites

The alignment of molecular cloud magnetic fields with the spiral arms in M33

A Stable, Accurate Methodology for High Mach Number, Strong Magnetic Field MHD Turbulence with Adaptive Mesh Refinement: Resolution and Refinement Studies

What Shapes the Structure of Molecular Clouds: Turbulence or Gravity?

Lower Limits on the Strengths of Gamma Ray Lines from WIMP Dark Matter Annihilation