tipa -- 10/24/2007

Multiwavelength Observations of Markarian 421 in March 2001: an Unprecedented View on the X-ray/TeV Correlated Variability

A Model for Star Formation, Gas Flows and Chemical Evolution in Galaxies at High Redshifts

tipa -- 10/23/2007

H.E.S.S. ICRC 2007 contributions

Constraining Muon Internal Bremsstrahlung as a Contribution to the MiniBooNE Low Energy Excess

tipa -- 10/22/2007

Supernova rates from the Southern inTermediate Redshift ESO Supernova Search (STRESS)

A very faint core-collapse supernova in M85

A universal GRB photon energy-peak luminosity relation

The Milky Way's Kiloparsec Scale Wind: A Hybrid Cosmic-Ray and Thermally Driven Outflow

The evolution of the peculiar Type Ia supernova SN 2005hk over 400 days

The Interaction of Stellar Objects within a Common Envelope

Probing the Cosmic Metallicity Evolution with Gamma-Ray Bursts

tipa -- 10/19/2007

Spitzer Constraints on the Stellar Populations of Lyman-Alpha Emitting Galaxies at z = 3.1

Shell-shocked diffusion model for the light curve of SN2006gy

tipa -- 10/18/2007

A 15.65 solar mass black hole in an eclipsing binary in the nearby spiral galaxy Messier 33

Constraining the Type Ia Supernova Progenitor: The Search for Hydrogen in Nebular Spectra

Chandra Observations of Type Ia Supernovae: Upper Limits to the X-ray Flux of SN 2002bo, SN 2002ic, SN 2005gj, and SN 2005ke

The Environment of M85 optical transient 2006-1: constraints on the progenitor age and mass

On the gamma-ray emission of Type Ia Supernovae

Pulsational pair instability as an explanation for the most luminous supernovae

New Gamma-Ray Contributions to Supersymmetric Dark Matter Annihilation

tipa -- 10/10/2007

GOODS 850-5 -- A z>4 Galaxy Discovered in the Submillimeter?

Impact of Dark Matter Annihilation on the High-Redshift Intergalactic Medium

tipa -- 10/9/2007

Type Ia supernovae as speed sensors at intermediate redshifts

The GeV-TeV Connection in Galactic gamma-ray sources

Neutronization During Type Ia Supernova Simmering

tipa -- 10/8/2007

The supernova rate in local galaxy clusters

Flavor Evolution of the Neutronization Neutrino Burst from an O-Ne-Mg Core-Collapse Supernova

New results on particle acceleration in the Centaurus A jet and counterjet from a deep Chandra observation

The 3He + 4He --> 7Be Astrophysical S-factor