tipa -- 8/1/2011

Dark Matter distribution in the Milky Way: microlensing and dynamical constraints

Variability in Blazars: Clues from PKS 2155-304

A knee-like structure in the spectrum of the heavy component of cosmic rays observed with KASCADE-Grande

Measurement of cosmic-ray antiproton spectrum at solar minimum with a long-duration balloon flight in Antarctica

Improved Constraints on Type Ia Supernova Host Galaxy Properties using Multi-Wavelength Photometry and their Correlations with Supernova Properties

Constraints on the Synchrotron Shock Model for the Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Burst 090820A

The Progenitor Mass of SN 2011dh from Stellar Populations Analysis

Search for B(s) and B to dimuon decays in pp collisions at 7 TeV

tipa -- 7/28/2011

New limit on the lepton-flavour violating decay mu -> e gamma

Swift J2058.4+0516: Discovery of a Possible Second Relativistic Tidal Disruption Flare

Large-scale clustering of galaxies in general relativity

The Role of Stochastic Re-acceleration in the Prompt Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Application to Hadronic Injection

Blazars as Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic-Ray Sources: Implications for TeV Gamma-Ray Observations

tipa -- 7/27/2011

X-ray Observations of Radio Transients without Optical Hosts

SN 2008jb: A "Lost" Core-Collapse Supernova in a Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxy at ~10 Mpc

Too small to succeed? Lighting up massive dark matter subhaloes of the Milky Way

Compensated Isocurvature Perturbations and the Cosmic Microwave Background

Simulating the Common Envelope Phase of a Red Giant Using SPH and Uniform Grid Codes

Magnetic Fields, Relativistic Particles, and Shock Waves in Cluster Outskirts

tipa -- 7/26/2011

Peculiarly Narrow SED of GRB 090926B with MAXI and Fermi/GBM

The discovery of geomagnetically trapped cosmic ray antiprotons

Gamma-Ray and Parsec-Scale Jet Properties of a Complete Sample of Blazars From the MOJAVE Program

The unusual radio transient in M82: an SS 433 analogue?

tipa -- 7/25/2011

Disentangling the dark matter halo from the stellar halo

Revision of the 15N(p,γ)16O reaction rate and oxygen abundance in H-burning zones

Observations of the December 13 and 14, 2006, Solar Particle Events in the 80 MeV/n - 3 GeV/n range from space with PAMELA detector

Observing a light dark matter beam with neutrino experiments

tipa -- 7/22/2011

The fate of Cyg X-1: an empirical limit on BH-NS merger rate

Complex Radio Spectral Energy Distributions in Luminous and Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies

PSR J0007+7303 in the CTA1 SNR: New Gamma-ray Results from Two Years of Fermi-LAT Observations

MAXI GSC monitoring of the Crab nebula and pulsar during the GeV gamma-ray flare in September 2010

Constraints on dark matter models from a Fermi LAT search for high-energy cosmic-ray electrons from the Sun

Nuclear de-excitation line spectrum of Cassiopeia A

tipa -- 7/21/2011

The Lyman-alpha forest in a blazar-heated Universe

GRB091127/SN2009nz and the VLT/X-shooter spectroscopy of its host galaxy: probing the faint end of the mass-metallicity relation

Unexpected Formation Modes of the First Hard Binary in Core Collapse

CANGAROO-III observation of TeV gamma rays from the unidentified gamma-ray source HESS J1614-518

U Sco 2010 outburst: observational evidence of an underlying ONeMg white dwarf

Galactic S Stars: Investigations of Color, Motion, and Spectral Features

Extended Tails from SGR 1806-20 Bursts

tipa -- 7/20/2011

New measurements of high-momentum nucleons and short-range structures in nuclei

Pan-STARRS1 Discovery of Two Ultra-Luminous Supernovae at z ~ 0.9

Velocity Evolution and the Intrinsic Color of Type Ia Supernovae

A Lower Limit on the Halo Mass to form Supermassive Black Holes

tipa -- 7/19/2011

Stellar Mass Black Holes in Young Galaxies

Enhanced Sensitivity to Dark Matter Self-annihilations in the Sun using Neutrino Spectral Information

Constraining GRB Emission Physics with Extensive Early-Time, Multiband Follow-up

Broad Line Radio Galaxies Observed with Fermi-LAT: The Origin of the GeV Gamma-Ray Emission

Cosmic rays in the surroundings of SNR G35.6-0.4

Sterile Neutrinos, Coherent Scattering and Oscillometry Measurements with Low-temperature Bolometers

The Effect of Local Dark Matter Substructure on Constraints in Sommerfeld-Enhanced Models

tipa -- 7/18/2011

Identification of gamma-ray emission from 3C345 and NRAO512

Requiem for an FCHAMP?

An Improved Limit on Pauli-Exclusion-Principle Forbidden Atomic Transitions

tipa -- 7/15/2011

Measurement of the $ν_e$ and Total $^{8}$B Solar Neutrino Fluxes with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Phase-III Data Set

Toward Early-Warning Detection of Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescence

Support for temporally varying behavior of the Pioneer anomaly from the extended Pioneer 10 and 11 Doppler data sets