classic papers of the year -- 2009

The redshift of extragalactic nebulae

  • Zwicky, F. (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena)

Rotational properties of 21 SC galaxies with a large range of luminosities and radii, from NGC 4605 (R = 4kpc) to UGC 2885 (R = 122 kpc)

Experiments to Determine the Density of the Earth

Dynamics of the Interplanetary Gas and Magnetic Fields

  • Parker, E. N. (Enrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago)

On Continued Gravitational Contraction

Electromagnetic extraction of energy from Kerr black holes

Cosmic Static

On gamma-ray astronomy

  • P. Morrison (Department of Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)

Apparent Weight of Photons

Capture of Slow Neutrons

On a New Kind of Rays

Open letter to the group of radioactive people at the Gauverein meeting in Tübingen

Resonant amplification of neutrino oscillations in matter and solar neutrino spectroscopy

  • S.P. Mikheev, A.Yu. Smirnov (Institute for Nuclear Research of Academy of Sciences, 60th October Anniversary prosp. 7a, 117 342 Moscow, USSR)

CP Violation in the Renormalizable Theory of Weak Interaction

Weak Interactions with Lepton-Hadron Symmetry

Anomaly Cancellation in Supersymmetric D=10 Gauge Theory and Superstring Theory

  • Michael B. Green (Queen Mary College, University of London & California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA) , John H. Schwarz (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA)

The Fate of the False Vacuum: Semiclassical Theory

On superconductivity and superfluidity (what I have and have not managed to do), as well as on the 'physical minimum' at the beginning of the XXI century

  • Vitalii L Ginzburg (P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation)

tipa -- 12/31/2009

Two Magnetar Candidates in HESS Supernova Remnants

Magnetic Amplification by Magnetized Cosmic Rays in SNR Shocks

Suzaku X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy of Cassiopeia A

Playing with Neutrino Masses

classic papers of the week -- 130

Experiments and Calculations Relative to Physical Optics

Stochastic Problems in Physics and Astronomy

The Vela glitch of Christmas 1988

cipa -- 12/25/2009

Linking dwarf galaxies to halo building blocks with the most metal-poor star in Sculptor

Self-Convergence of Radiatively Cooling Clumps

3D simulations of supernova remnants evolution including non-linear particle acceleration

tipa -- 12/24/2009

An analysis of the timing irregularities for 366 pulsars

Deep Chandra Observations of the Crab-like Pulsar Wind Nebula G54.1+0.3 and Spitzer Spectroscopy of the Associated Infrared Shell

tipa -- 12/23/2009

Direct Formation of Supermassive Black Holes via Multi-Scale Gas Inflows in Galaxy Mergers

Constraints on the First Galaxies: z~10 Galaxy Candidates from HST WFC3/IR

Scaling stellar jets to the laboratory: the power of simulations

The z = 0.0777 C III Absorber Towards PHL 1811 as a Case Study of a Low Redshift Weak Metal Line Absorber

Angular Power Spectra of the Millimeter Wavelength Background Light from Dusty Star-forming Galaxies with the South Pole Telescope

Measurements of Secondary Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies with the South Pole Telescope

Comprehensive Photometric Histories of All Known Galactic Recurrent Novae

Origin of the Cosmic Network: Nature vs Nurture

Constraining Decaying Dark Matter with Fermi LAT Gamma-rays

Secondary photons and neutrinos from cosmic rays produced by distant blazars

From Pamela to CDMS and Back

Measurement of the W^+W^- Production Cross Section and Search for Anomalous WW\gamma and WWZ Couplings in p \bar p Collisions at \sqrt{s} = 1.96 TeV

Effective Theories and Modifications of Gravity

tipa -- 12/22/2009

A New Method to Search for CP violation in the Neutrino Sector

Constraining Pulsar Magnetosphere Geometry with Gamma-Ray Light Curves

Search for the QCD critical point in nuclear collisions at the CERN SPS

classic papers of the week -- 129

Space-Time Approach to Quantum Electrodynamics

On the Infall of Matter Into Clusters of Galaxies and Some Effects on Their Evolution

Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Prime Factorization and Discrete Logarithms on a Quantum Computer

tipa -- 12/18/2009

How Do Massive Black Holes Get Their Gas?

Probing star formation across cosmic time with absorption line systems

On the nature of the progenitors of three type II-P supernovae: 2004et, 2006my and 2006ov

Environments for Magnetic Field Amplification by Cosmic Rays

The Case Against Warm or Self-Interacting Dark Matter as Explanations for Cores in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies

New Physics at the LHC

Computational Tools for Supersymmetry Calculations

tipa -- 12/17/2009

A single sub-km Kuiper Belt object from a stellar Occultation in archival data

Evidence for Supernova-Synthesised Dust from the Rising Afterglow of GRB 071025 at z~5

On the Kennicutt-Schmidt relation of low-metallicity high-redshift galaxies

Optical and near infrared coverage of SN 2004et: physical parameters and comparison with other type IIP supernovae

tipa -- 12/16/2009

Radio lobes and X-ray hot spots of the extraordinary microquasar in NGC 7793

Constraining Parity Violation in Gravity with Measurements of Neutron-Star Moments of Inertia

Subaru and Gemini Observations of SS 433: New Constraint on the Mass of the Compact Object

Resonant Spin-Flavor Conversion of Supernova Neutrinos: Dependence on Electron Mole Fraction

The Massive Progenitor Candidate of the Typle II-Linear SN 2009kr

Detection of Gamma-Ray Emission from the Vela Pulsar Wind Nebula with AGILE

Constraining the evolutionary history of Newton's constant with gravitational wave observations

tipa -- 12/15/2009

The Persistence of Cool Galactic Winds in High Stellar Mass Galaxies Between z~1.4 and ~1

Filling the disk hollow following binary black hole merger: The transient accretion afterglow

Dark Matter Direct Detection with Non-Maxwellian Velocity Structure

A New Open-Source Code for 1D Stellar Collapse A New Open-Source Code for Spherically-Symmetric Stellar Collapse to Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Large Late-time Asphericities in Three Type IIP Supernovae

Detecting the QCD phase transition in the next Galactic supernova neutrino burst

Swift BAT, Fermi LAT, and the Blazar Sequence

XYZ particles at Belle

tipa -- 12/14/2009

Binary Black Hole Mergers in Gaseous Environments: "Binary Bondi" and "Binary Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton" Accretion

Non-thermal emission from Cassiopeia A: Probing shock properties with non-thermal filaments

Powerful high energy emission of the remarkable BL Lac object S5 0716+714

Radio Sources from a 31 GHz Sky Survey with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Array

Extragalactic millimeter-wave sources in South Pole Telescope survey data: source counts, catalog, and statistics for an 87 square-degree field

classic papers of the week -- 128

The electromagnetic field of an idealized star in rigid rotation in vacuo

  • Deutsch, Arnim J. (Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories, Carnegie Institution of Washington, California Institute of Technology)

Relations Between the Spectra and Other Characteristics of the Stars

Characteristic forms and geometric invariants

tipa -- 12/11/2009

The detectability of dark matter annihilation with Fermi using the anisotropy energy spectrum of the gamma-ray background

Fermi Large Area Telescope Observations of the Cosmic-Ray Induced gamma-ray Emission of the Earth's Atmosphere

Stealth Galaxies in the Halo of the Milky Way

The Spectral Energy Distribution of Fermi bright blazars

On the progenitor and early evolution of the type II supernova 2009kr

Are astronomical papers with more authors cited more?

tipa -- 12/10/2009

The Type Ia Supernova Rate in Radio and Infrared Galaxies from the CFHT Supernova Legacy Survey