classic papers of the week -- 85

On the Curvature of Space

Cosmic Rays as the Source of General Galactic Radio Emission

Symmetry between particle and anti-particle populations in the universe

  • Hong-Yee Chiu (Institute for Space Studies, Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, New York, NY, and Physics Department and Earth and Space Sciences Department, State University of New York, Stony Brook)

tipa -- 11/25/2008

The Case for a 700+ GeV WIMP: Cosmic Ray Spectra from ATIC and PAMELA

Gamma-ray and radio tests of the e+e- excess from DM annihilations

The energy production rate & the generation spectrum of UHECRs

The energy spectrum of cosmic-ray electrons at TeV energies

Evidence for Warped Disks of Young Stars in the Galactic Center

CMBPol Mission Concept Study: A Mission to Map our Origins

SN 2008S: A Cool Super-Eddington Wind in a Supernova Impostor

What if Time Really Exists?

tipa -- 11/24/2008

Properties of WNh stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud: evidence for homogeneous evolution

On the plasma temperature in supernova remnants with cosmic-ray modified shocks

Type Ia Supernova: Calculations of Turbulent Flames Using the Linear Eddy Model

tipa -- 11/21/2008

Intrinsic properties of a complete sample of HETE-2 gamma-ray bursts. A measure of the GRB rate in the Local Universe

Generation of Strong Magnetic Fields in Axisymmetry by the Stationary Accretion Shock Instability

Epeak estimator for Gamma-Ray Bursts Observed by the Swift Burst Alert Telescope

tipa -- 11/20/2008

VLBI Observations of SN 2008D

Red giant stellar collisions in the Galactic Centre

New SETI Sky Surveys for Radio Pulses

Red supergiants as potential Type IIn supernova progenitors: Spatially resolved 4.6 micron CO emission around VY CMa and Betelgeuse

tipa -- 11/19/2008

Stability of a Spherical Accretion Shock with Nuclear Dissociation

tipa -- 11/18/2008

Solar neutrinos and the solar composition problem

Dots, clumps and filaments: the intermittent images of synchrotron emission in random magnetic fields of young supernova remnants

GRS 1915+105 : High-energy Insights with SPI/INTEGRAL

Episodic Magnetic Bubbles and Jets: Astrophysical Implications from Laboratory Experiments

tipa -- 11/17/2008

The Race Between Stars and Quasars in Reionizing Cosmic Hydrogen

tipa -- 11/14/2008

The cosmology dependence of weak lensing cluster counts

tipa -- 11/10/2008

Gravitational Wave Recoil Oscillations of Black Holes: Implications for Unified Models of Active Galactic Nuclei

GRB 080503: Implications of a Naked Short Gamma-Ray Burst Dominated by Extended Emission

Spectropolarimetry of Supernovae

An Improved Limit on the Muon Electric Dipole Moment

tipa -- 11/6/2008

The Anisotropic Spatial Distribution of Hypervelocity Stars

Pairing of Supermassive Black Holes in unequal-mass galaxy mergers

Parity violation constraints using 2006-2007 QUaD CMB polarization spectra

First Study of Neutron Tagging with a Water Cherenkov Detector

tipa -- 11/5/2008

HD 271791: An Extreme Supernova Runaway B Star Escaping from the Galaxy

Mass loss from hot massive stars

The Spectral Shape and Photon Fraction as Signatures of the GZK-Cutoff