tipa -- 9/30/2011

Searching for Dark Matter in the CMB: A Compact Parameterization of Energy Injection from New Physics

Tidal disruption rate of stars by spinning supermassive black holes

Gravitational redshift of galaxies in clusters as predicted by general relativity

Upper limits on bolometric luminosities of ten type Ia supernova progenitors from Chandra observations

New Constraints on Neutrino Velocities

tipa -- 9/29/2011

Suzaku Observations of 4U 1957+11: Potentially the Most Rapidly Spinning Black Hole in (the Halo of) the Galaxy

The size of the jet launching region in M87

The Design and Performance of IceCube DeepCore

Phase-resolved energy spectra of the Crab Pulsar in the range of 50-400 GeV measured with the MAGIC Telescopes

Rotating massive stars through the ages, with applications to WR stars, Pop III stars and Gamma Ray Bursts

Optical Polarization and Spectral Variability in the M87 Jet

Search for Sterile Neutrinos with a Radioactive Source at Daya Bay

tipa -- 9/27/2011

The merger of binary white dwarf--neutron stars: Simulations in full general relativity

Magnetars vs. high magnetic field pulsars: a theoretical interpretation of the apparent dichotomy

Limiting properties of light and the universe with high energy photons from Fermi-detected Gamma Ray Bursts

Neutrino Luminosity and Matter-Induced Modification of Collective Neutrino Flavor Oscillations in Supernovae

High-Precision Timing of 5 Millisecond Pulsars: Space Velocities, Binary Evolution and Equivalence Principles

Time-of-flight mass measurements for nuclear processes in neutron star crusts

tipa -- 9/26/2011

Crustal failure during binary inspiral

The Extended Pulsar Magnetosphere

The Photometric and Spectral Evolution of the 2008 Luminous Optical Transient in NGC 300

Eccentric binary neutron star mergers

tipa -- 9/23/2011

Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam

Circumstellar dust as a solution to the red supergiant supernova progenitor problem

Gamma-Ray Observations of the Supernova Remnant RX J0852.0-4622 with the Fermi LAT

Search for Gamma-ray Emission from X-ray Selected Seyfert Galaxies with Fermi-LAT

tipa -- 9/22/2011

Massive Neutrinos and the Non-linear Matter Power Spectrum

A Last Look at the Microwave Haze/Bubbles with WMAP

Numerical simulations of diffusive shock acceleration in SNRs

Was the "naked burst" GRB 050421 really naked ?

tipa -- 9/21/2011

Galactic Centre star formation: the case of the missing gas disc

A Universal, Local Star Formation Law in Galactic Clouds, Nearby Galaxies, High-Redshift Disks, and Starbursts

The High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey IV: Discovery and polarimetry of millisecond pulsars

Magnetic fields during the early stages of massive star formation - II. A generalised outflow criterion

The search for n-nbar oscillation in Super-Kamiokande I

tipa -- 9/20/2011

The origin of metals in the circum-galactic medium of massive galaxies at z=3

Multiscale magnetic fields in spiral galaxies: evolution and reversals

Temporal Deconvolution study of Long and Short Gamma-Ray Burst Light curves

The First Magnetic Fields

Seasonal modulation in the Borexino cosmic muon signal

tipa -- 9/19/2011

Slightly Two or Three Dimensional Self-Similar Solutions

Coasting external shock in wind medium: an origin for the X-ray plateau decay component in Swift GRB afterglows

Clustering between high-mass X-ray binaries and OB associations in the Milky Way

  • Authors: Arash Bodaghee (1), John A. Tomsick (1), Jerome Rodriguez (2), J. Berian James (3,4) ((1) Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, USA (2) Laboratoire AIM, CEA/IRFU - Université Paris Diderot - CNRS/INSU, CEA DSM/IRFU/SAp, Centre de Saclay, France (3) Dept. of Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley, USA (4) Dark Cosmology Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Implementation and testing of the first prompt search for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave transients

Flavor stability of a realistic accretion-phase supernova neutrino flux

Formation Of The Rare Earth Peak: Gaining Insight Into Late-Time r-Process Dynamics

First Use of High Charge States for Mass Measurements of Short-lived Nuclides in a Penning Trap

Test of Lorentz and CPT violation with Short Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Excesses

Project-X: A new high intensity proton accelerator complext at Fermilab

tipa -- 9/16/2011

Letter of Intent: The Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment --- Detector Design and Physics Potential ---

Probing the shape and history of the Milky Way halo with orbital spectral analysis

Search for high energy γ-ray emission from galaxies of the Local Group with Fermi/LAT

tipa -- 9/15/2011

Early radio and X-ray observations of the youngest nearby type Ia supernova PTF11kly (SN 2011fe)

The Sagittarius impact as an architect of spirality and outer rings in the Milky Way

Fermi Large Area Telescope Observations of the Supernova Remnant G8.7-0.1

The AGILE observations of the hard and bright GRB 100724B

The dark GRB080207 in an extremely red host and the implications for GRBs in highly obscured environments

tipa -- 9/14/2011

Extending the CRESST-II commissioning run limits to lower masses

The Astrophysical Implications of Dust Formation During The Eruptions of Hot, Massive Stars

  • Authors: C.S. Kochanek (1) ((1) Department of Astronomy, The Ohio State University)

What are Published X-ray lightcurves telling us about Young Supernova Expansion?

The Allen Telescope Array Fly's Eye Survey for Fast Radio Transients

Supernova neutrino signals by liquid Argon detector and neutrino magnetic moment

Fermi/LAT Observations of Swift/BAT Seyferts: on the Contribution of Radio-quiet AGN to the Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background

GRB 091127: The cooling break race on magnetic fuel

Unraveling the Geometry of the Crab Nebula's "Inner Ring"

tipa -- 9/13/2011

Search for OB stars running away from young star clusters. II. The NGC 6357 star-forming region

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Astrophysics

An Extreme Pulsar Tail Protruding from the Frying Pan Supernova Remnant

Hard X-Ray Background of the Milky Way in its Anticenter

Hydrodynamic simulations on a moving Voronoi mesh

Regenerating a Symmetry in Asymmetric Dark Matter

Collisions of Jets of Particles from Active Galactic Nuclei with Neutralino Dark Matter

tipa -- 9/12/2011

Study of Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions with Atmospheric Neutrino Data in Super-Kamiokande I and II

The emission of Cygnus X-1: observations with INTEGRAL SPI from 20 keV to 2 MeV

Search for B_s --> mu+mu- and B_d --> mu+mu- Decays with CDF II

Experimental Confirmation that the Proton is Asymptotically a Black Disk

tipa -- 9/9/2011

Search for Differences in Oscillation Parameters for Atmospheric Neutrinos and Antineutrinos at Super-Kamiokande

On the Origin of Stellar Masses

Observations of Energetic High Magnetic Field Pulsars with the Fermi Large Area Telescope

Constraints on the Progenitor System of the Type Ia Supernova SN 2011fe/PTF11kly

Pulsar Wind Nebulae with Thick Toroidal Structure

Directional limits on persistent gravitational waves using LIGO S5 science data

Recent results on the low mass dark matter WIMP controversy: 2011