classic papers of the year -- 2008

Question of Parity Conservation in Weak Interactions

  • T.D. Lee (Columbia University, New York, New York) , Chen-Ning Yang (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York)

Experimental Test Of Parity Conservation In Beta Decay

The strength of the weak interactions

The Connection Between Spin and Statistics

  • W. Pauli (Physikalisches Institut, Eidg. Technischen Hochschule, Zürich, Switzerland)

Spinning Electrons and the Structure of Spectra

See also: The discovery of the electron spin

Unitary Symmetry and Leptonic Decays

Violation of CP Invariance, c Asymmetry, and Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe

See also

Remarks on the Evolution of the Expanding Universe

On the Stopping of fast particles and on the creation of positive electrons

Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts of Cosmic Origin

A Generalist Looks Back

tipa -- 12/25/2008

Dissecting Pamela (and ATIC) with Occam's Razor: existing, well-known Pulsars naturally account for the "anomalous" Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron Data

tipa -- 12/24/2008

Vetoing atmospheric neutrinos in a high energy neutrino telescope

tipa -- 12/23/2008

Aspherical Core-Collapse Supernovae in Red Supergiants Powered by Nonrelativistic Jets

An Atlas For Interpreting Gamma-Ray Pulsar Light Curves

CNO "Breakout" and Nucleosynthesis in Classical Novae

Mass Ejection by Strange Star Mergers and Observational Implications

Cosmological Constraints on Decaying Dark Matter

tipa -- 12/22/2008

Nickel-Rich Outflows from Accretion Disks Formed by the Accretion-Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs

Simultaneous H.E.S.S. and Chandra observations of Sagittarius A* during an X-ray flare

Gamma-ray and Radio Constraints of High Positron Rate Dark Matter Models Annihilating into New Light Particles

tipa -- 12/16/2008

New Limits on the Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Neutrino Flux from the ANITA Experiment

Search for Redshifted 2.2 MeV Neutron Capture Line From A0535+262 in Outburst

Constraining the energy budget of GRB 080721

tipa -- 12/15/2008

Unexplained Excess of Electron-Like Events From a 1-GeV Neutrino Beam

Observational Evidence for Cosmological-Scale Extra Dimensions

On The Origin Of The Highest Redshift Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 080913

tipa -- 12/11/2008

The Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna Ultra-high Energy Neutrino Detector Design, Performance, and Sensitivity for 2006-2007 Balloon Flight

classic papers of the week -- 86

A Relativistic Equation for Bound-State Problems

See also

On the Masses of Nebulae and of Clusters of Nebulae

Interaction between Four Half-Spin Particles and the Decay of the μ-Meson

  • Michel, L. (Physics Department, University of Manchester)

tipa -- 12/5/2008

Discovery of Very High-Energy Gamma-Ray Radiation from the BL Lac 1ES 0806+524

In search of progenitors for supernova-less GRBs 060505 and 060614: re-examination of their afterglows