tipa -- 5/31/2011

Thermo-Resistive Instability in Magnetar Crusts

Cosmic ray diffusion fronts in the Virgo cluster

Connecting Synchrotron, Cosmic Rays, and Magnetic Fields in the Plane of the Galaxy

Modeling supernova remnants: effects of diffusive cosmic-ray acceleration on the evolution, application to observations

Improved determination of the sample composition of dimuon events produced in {\boldmath $p\bar{p}$} collisions at {\boldmath $\sqrt{s}=1.96$} TeV

tipa -- 5/30/2011

A 100-parsec elliptical and twisted ring of cold and dense molecular clouds revealed by Herschel around the Galactic Center

Deep Chandra observations of TeV binaries II: LS 5039

A Dynamical Model of the Local Group

tipa -- 5/27/2011

Red Eyes on Wolf-Rayet Stars: 60 New Discoveries via Infrared Color Selection

Direct Search for Low Mass Dark Matter Particles with CCDs

Molecular and Atomic Gas toward HESS J1745-303 in the Galactic Center: Further Support for the Hadronic Scenario

The effect of metallicity on the delay-time distribution of type Ia supernova

Effect of collective neutrino flavor oscillations on vp-process nucleosynthesis

Tenth-Order Lepton Anomalous Magnetic Moment -- Sixth-Order Vertices Containing Vacuum-Polarization Subdiagrams

tipa -- 5/26/2011

A Photometric Redshift of z ~ 9.4 for GRB 090429B

Calibrating Extinction-Free Star Formation Rate Diagnostics with 33GHz Free-Free Emission in NGC6946

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: a measurement of the primordial power spectrum

The Crab Nebula super-flare in April 2011: extremely fast particle acceleration and gamma-ray emission

Cosmogenic gamma-rays and the composition of cosmic rays

Short-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Waves in Ultra-large Liquid Scintillator Detectors

tipa -- 5/24/2011

Dark Matter Debris Flows in the Milky Way

New Optical/UV Counterparts and the Spectral Energy Distributions of Nearby, Thermally Emitting, Isolated Neutron Stars

Binary Neutron Star Mergers: Dependence on the Nuclear Equation of State

Diffusive propagation of cosmic rays from supernova remnants in the Galaxy. I: spectrum and chemical composition

Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the Outburst Site of M31 RV. II. No Blue Remnant in Quiescence

tipa -- 5/23/2011

The RMS Survey: Critical Tests of Accretion Models for the Formation of Massive Stars

Weakening dark-matter cusps by clumpy baryonic infall

X-ray emission from protostellar jet HH 154: the first evidence of a diamond shock?

Accurate Stellar Kinematics at Faint Magnitudes: application to the Bootes~I dwarf spheroidal galaxy

Jet Formation in the magnetospheres of supermassive black holes: analytic solutions describing energy loss through Blandford-Znajek processes

tipa -- 5/18/2011

Gravity Probe B: Final Results of a Space Experiment to Test General Relativity

A new SNR with TeV shell-type morphology: HESS J1731-347

Swift 1644+57: The Longest Gamma-ray Burst?

Constraints on neutrino interactions using cosmological observations

Prospects of detecting gamma-ray emission from galaxy clusters: cosmic rays and dark matter annihilations

Afterglow of binary neutron star merger

Comparative Analysis of Peculiar Type Ia 1991bg-like Supernovae Spectra

Combined Limits on WIMPs from the CDMS and EDELWEISS Experiments

The Hubble Space Telescope Cluster Supernova Survey: V. Improving the Dark Energy Constraints Above z>1 and Building an Early-Type-Hosted Supernova Sample

tipa -- 5/17/2011

A Measurement of the Damping Tail of the Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum with the South Pole Telescope

The Magnetic Field of the Irregular Galaxy NGC 4214

Design and Initial Performance of the Askaryan Radio Array Prototype EeV Neutrino Detector at the South Pole

Binary black hole mergers in gaseous disks: Simulations in general relativity

Radiative efficiency and thermal spectrum of accretion onto Schwarzschild black holes

On the multiple supernova population of Arp 299: constraints on progenitor properties and host galaxy star formation characteristics

The correlation between C/O ratio, metallicity and the initial WD mass for SNe Ia

An unusual stellar death on Christmas Day

Is molecular gas necessary for star formation?

Eccentric Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers

Localizing compact binary inspirals on the sky using ground-based gravitational wave interferometers

Discovery of an Energetic Pulsar Associated with SNR G76.9+1.0

Scaling Relations and Overabundance of Massive Clusters at z>~1 from Weak-Lensing Studies with HST

Ultrahigh-energy neutrino-nucleon deep-inelastic scattering and the Froissart bound

Radiative Correction to the anti-nu_e (nu_e) Spectrum in beta-Decay

Simplified Models for LHC New Physics Searches