tipa -- 2/1/2011

A terrestrial search for dark contents of the vacuum, such as dark energy, using atom interferometry

Towards Realistic Progenitors of Core-Collapse Supernovae

On the inconsistency between the estimates of cosmic star formation rate and stellar mass density of high redshift galaxies

An X-ray Imaging Survey of Quasar Jets -- Testing the Inverse Compton Model

Ohmic Power of Ideal Pulsars

The first Fermi multifrequency campaign on BL Lacertae: characterizing the low-activity state of the eponymous blazar

  • Authors: A.A. Abdo, et al. (The Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration)

Nuclear recoil energy scale in liquid xenon with application to the direct detection of dark matter

tipa -- 1/31/2011

Localization of gravitational wave sources with networks of advanced detectors

Prospects for Detecting Dark Matter Halo Substructure with Pulsar Timing

Simulations on a Moving Mesh: The Clustered Formation of Population III Protostars

The Delay of Population III Star Formation by Supersonic Streaming Velocities

Constraints from the first LHC data on hadronic event generators for ultra-high energy cosmic-ray physics

tipa -- 1/27/2011

Self-Regulated Star Formation in Galaxies via Momentum Input from Massive Stars

UHECR Acceleration at Filaments of Cosmological Structure Formation

Prelude to a double degenerate merger: the onset of mass transfer and its impact on gravitational waves and surface detonations

tipa -- 1/26/2011

Magnetic fields in Local Group dwarf irregulars

Supermassive black holes do not correlate with dark matter halos of galaxies

Bounding the Time Delay between High-energy Neutrinos and Gravitational-wave Transients from Gamma-ray Bursts

On the Detectability of High-Energy Galactic Neutrino Sources

Mergers of Supermassive Black Holes in Astrophysical Environments

tipa -- 1/25/2011

Mean Interplanetary Magnetic Field Measurement Using the ARGO-YBJ Experiment

Dependences of Type Ia Supernovae Lightcurve Parameters on the Host Galaxy Star Formation Rate and Metallicity

The missing link: Merging neutron stars naturally produce jet-like structures and can power short Gamma-Ray Bursts

MAGIC discovery of VHE Emission from the FSRQ PKS 1222+21

The Astrophysics of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays

Dark matter at DeepCore and IceCube

tipa -- 1/24/2011

Heavy Nuclei Synthesized in Gamma-Ray Burst Outflows as the Source of UHECRs

PTF 10bzf (SN 2010ah): a broad-line Ic supernova discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory

Extreme Feedback and the Epoch of Reionization: Clues in the Local Universe

Search for light gauge bosons of the dark sector at MAMI

classic papers of the week -- 180

On the Interaction of Elementary Particles. I

The Polarization of Starlight by Aligned Dust Grains

Localized visible Ba+ mono-ion oscillator

tipa -- 1/14/2011

Ab initio calculation of the Hoyle state

Stellar variability on time-scales of minutes: results from the first 5 years of the Rapid Temporal Survey (RATS)

A New Derivation of GRB Jet Opening Angles from the Prompt Gamma-Ray Emission

Refined Neutron-Star Mass Determinations for Six Eclipsing X-Ray Pulsar Binaries

Hunting 1-500 GeV Dark Matter Gamma-Ray Lines with the Fermi LAT

Improved Predictions of Reactor Antineutrino Spectra

tipa -- 1/13/2011

A Deep Photometric Look at Two of Andromeda's Dwarf Spheroidals: X and XVII

A distortion of very--high--redshift galaxy number counts by gravitational lensing

Discovery of Powerful Gamma-Ray Flares from the Crab Nebula

Unraveling the Nature of Unidentified High Galactic Latitude Fermi/LAT Gamma-ray Sources with Suzaku