tipa -- 6/29/2010

Switched magnetospheric regulation of pulsar spin-down

Teraelectronvolt Astronomy

Discovery of VHE gamma-rays from the BL Lac object PKS 0548-322

Fallback Supernovae: Possible Origin of Peculiar Supernovae with Extremely Low Explosion Energies

Galaxy Formation Theory

Ultrahigh Energy Nuclei in the Galactic Magnetic Field

Cosmology seeking friendship with sterile neutrinos

New limit on Lorentz and CPT-violating neutron spin interactions

tipa -- 6/28/2010

Parsec-scale Faraday Rotation Measures from General Relativistic MHD Simulations of Active Galactic Nuclei Jets

Luminosity Distribution of Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies at redshift z=1 in Cosmological Smoothed Particle Hydrodinamic Simulations: Implications for the Metallicity Dependence of GRBs

New constraints on Lorentz invariance violation from the neutron electric dipole moment

tipa -- 6/24/2010

UV Luminosity Functions from 113 z~7 and z~8 Lyman-Break Galaxies in the ultra-deep HUDF09 and wide-area ERS WFC3/IR Observations

Angular Momentum and the Validity of the Adiabatic Contraction Assumption

Sub-Chandrasekhar White Dwarf Mergers as the Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae

Evolution of the number of accreting white dwarfs with shell nuclear burning and of occurrence rate of SN Ia

Double-detonation sub-Chandrasekhar supernovae: synthetic observables for minimum helium shell mass models

Nearby Supernova Rates from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search. I. The Methods and Database

Nearby Supernova Rates from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search. II. The Observed Luminosity Functions and Fractions of Supernovae in a Complete Sample

Nearby Supernova Rates from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search. III. The Rate-Size Relation, and the Rates as a Function of Galaxy Hubble Type and Colour

tipa -- 6/23/2010

Adiabatic Faraday effect in analogy to resonant neutrino oscillations

SDWFS-MT-1: A Self-Obscured Luminous Supernova at z~0.2

Seen and unseen tidal caustics in the Andromeda galaxy

Evolution of white dwarf stars with high-metallicity progenitors: the role of 22Ne diffusion

The Radio-FIR correlation in the Milky Way

Large entropy production inside black holes: a simple model

Precision determination of weak charge of $^{133}$Cs from atomic parity violation

classic papers of the week -- 154

Observation of High-Energy Neutrino Reactions and the Existence of Two Kinds of Neutrinos


Compositions of halo clusters and the formation of the galactic halo

  • Searle, L.; Zinn, R. (Hale Observatories, Carnegie Institution of Washington, California Institute of Technology)

The Influence of Retardation on the London-van der Waals Forces

tipa -- 6/18/2010

Radioactive Scandium in the Youngest Galactic Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3

Evidence for strong extragalactic magnetic fields from Fermi observations of TeV blazars

Gamma-ray Signal from Earth-mass Dark Matter Microhalos

Testing Approximations of Thermal Effects in Neutron Star Merger Simulations

The Growth of Massive Black Holes in Galaxy Merger Simulations with Feedback by Radiation Pressure

tipa -- 6/17/2010

A detection system to measure muon-induced neutrons for direct Dark Matter searches

Channeling in direct dark matter detection I: channeling fraction in NaI (Tl) crystals

Astrophysical limitations to the identification of dark matter: indirect neutrino signals vis-a-vis direct detection recoil rates

tipa -- 6/16/2010

Neutrino masses from clustering of red and blue galaxies: a test of astrophysical uncertainties

The Black Hole Mass Distribution in the Galaxy

The statistics of the subhalo abundance of dark matter haloes

Mergers of Magnetized Neutron Stars with Spinning Black Holes: Disruption, Accretion and Fallback

First Dark Matter Search Results from a Surface Run of the 10-L DMTPC Directional Dark Matter Detector

Solid oxygen as converter for the production of ultra-cold neutrons

tipa -- 6/15/2010

Star formation history and X-ray binary populations: the case of the Small Magellanic Cloud

  • Authors: Vallia Antoniou (1,2,3), Andreas Zezas (1,2,4), Despina Hatzidimitriou (4,5), Vicky Kalogera (6) ((1) Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, (2) Physics Department, University of Crete, Greece, (3) Iowa State University, (4) IESL/FORTH, Greece, (5) Physics Department, University of Athens, Greece, (6) Northwestern University)

The distribution of annihilation luminosities in dark matter substructure

Constraining Dark Matter in Galactic Substructure

Analytic calculations of the spectra of ultra high energy cosmic ray nuclei. II. The general case of background radiation

Annihilation emission from young supernova remnants

Neutrino-nucleus interactions in the T2K experiment

First search for gravitational waves from the youngest known neutron star

tipa -- 6/14/2010

Eight gamma-ray pulsars discovered in blind frequency searches of Fermi LAT data

Multi-Angle Simulation of Flavor Evolution in the Neutrino Neutronization Burst From an O-Ne-Mg Core-Collapse Supernova

Observations of the Optical Transient in NGC 300 with AKARI/IRC: Possibilities of Asymmetric Dust Formation

Photospheric radius expansion during magnetar bursts

Determining the main-sequence mass of Type II supernova progenitors

Self-induced suppression of collective neutrino oscillations in a supernova

On a theory of neutrino oscillations with entanglement

classic papers of the week -- 153

Broken Symmetry and the Mass of Gauge Vector Mesons

Hyper-velocity and tidal stars from binaries disrupted by a massive Galactic black hole

  • Hills, J. G. (Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Experimental Test of Bell's Inequalities Using Time-Varying Analyzers

tipa -- 6/11/2010

The Allen Telescope Array Twenty-centimeter Survey - A 690-Square-Degree, 12-Epoch Radio Dataset - I: Catalog and Long-Duration Transient Statistics

Comments on arXiv:1006.0972 "XENON10/100 dark matter constraints in comparison with CoGeNT and DAMA: examining the Leff dependence"

Consequences of a Dark Disk for the Fermi and PAMELA Signals in Theories with a Sommerfeld Enhancement

DUAL Gamma-Ray Mission

VLBI Observations of SN 2009bb

Constraints on Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions and Unparticle Physics with Neutrino-Electron Scattering at the Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Reactor

Gallium experiments with artificial neutrino sources as a tool for investigation of transition to sterile states

tipa -- 6/9/2010

Observation of a first $\nu_\tau$ candidate in the OPERA experiment in the CNGS beam

The return of the bursts: Thermonuclear flashes from Circinus X-1

Wide-field global VLBI and MERLIN combined monitoring of supernova remnants in M82

Gravitational fragmentation in turbulent primordial gas and the initial mass function of Population III stars

Fermi-LAT Sensitivity to Dark Matter Annihilation in Via Lactea II Substructure

Solitary Magnetic Bubbles

Improved Constraints on Isotropic Shift and Anisotropies of the Speed of Light using Rotating Cryogenic Sapphire Oscillators

The magic nature of 132Sn explored through the single-particle states of 133Sn