tipa -- 2/27/2007

The connection between Gamma-ray bursts and Supernovae Ib/c

Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnants and the Production of Thermal and Nonthermal Radiation

Star formation in the Vela Molecular Ridge. Large scale mapping of cloud D in the mm continuum

Galactic Sources of High Energy Neutrinos

Modeling atmospheric effects of the September 1859 Solar Flare

tipa -- 2/15/2007

A Common Explosion Mechanism for Type Ia Supernovae

The First Survey of X-ray Flares from Gamma Ray Bursts Observed by Swift: Temporal Properties and Morphology

Confirming the gamma-ray burst spectral-energy correlations in the era of multiple time breaks

How many supernovae are we missing at high redshift?

An Observational Limit on the Earliest GRBs

Cosmic-ray composition and its relation to shock acceleration by supernova remnants

tipa -- 2/14/2007

The nature of the outflow in gamma-ray bursts

Angular Signatures of Dark Matter in the Diffuse Gamma Ray Spectrum

Cosmic Deconstructionism

Search for Pulsed VHE Gamma-Ray Emission from Young Pulsars with H.E.S.S

Constraints on Type Ib/c and GRB Progenitors

tipa -- 2/13/2007

Constraints on accretion in Ultraluminous X-ray Sources from Spitzer IRS observations of NGC 4485/90: Infrared diagnostic diagrams

Generic Gravitational Wave Signals from the Collapse of Rotating Stellar Cores

tipa -- 2/12/2007

GRB 050822: Detailed analysis of an XRF observed by Swift

Search for neutrino-induced cascades from gamma-ray bursts with AMANDA