tipa -- 12/21/2007

Swift and Chandra Detections of Supernova 2006jc: Evidence for Interaction of the Supernova Shock with a Circumstellar Shell

The Spitzer Gould Belt Survey of Large Nearby Interstellar Clouds: Discovery of a Dense Embedded Cluster in the Serpens-Aquila Rift

Short-Hard Gamma-Ray Bursts in Young Host Galaxies: the Effect of Prompt Twins

Heavy Cosmic Ray Nuclei from Extragalactic Sources above 'The Ankle'

First results from the OSQAR photon regeneration experiment: No light shining through a wall

tipa -- 12/11/2007

Short Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts with Extended Emission from Proto-Magnetar Spin-Down

Hard X-ray emission from Eta Carinae

The Stellar Initial Mass Function at the Epoch of Reionization

A Giant Flare from a Soft Gamma Repeater in the Andromeda Galaxy, M31

Gravitational Wave Detection with Atom Interferometry

tipa -- 12/10/2007

The lowest-mass stellar black holes: catastrophic death of neutron stars in gamma-ray bursts

How rapidly do neutron stars spin at birth? Constraints from archival X-ray observations of extragalactic supernovae

Primordial Nucleosynthesis in the Precision Cosmology Era

Mu-tau neutrino refraction and collective three-flavor transformations in supernovae

Pre-Merger Localization of Gravitational-Wave Standard Sirens With LISA: Triggered Search for an Electromagnetic Counterpart

Upper limit on the cosmic-ray photon flux above 10^19 eV using the surface detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory

HESS VHE Gamma-Ray Sources Without Identified Counterparts

The Importance of Being First: Position Dependent Citation Rates on arXiv:astro-ph

classic papers of the week -- 48

A planetary system around the millisecond pulsar PSR1257 + 12

Internal Pair Production Associated with the Emission of High-Energy Gamma Rays

Parity of the Neutral Pion

tipa -- 12/7/2007

Thermal Balance in the Intracluster Medium: Is AGN Feedback Necessary?

The Contribution of Halo White Dwarf Binaries to the LISA Signal

Discovery of Extended X-Ray emission from the unidentified TeV source HESS J1614-518 using the Suzaku Satellite

Suzaku Spectroscopy of an X-Ray Reflection Nebula and a New Supernova Remnant Candidate in the Sgr B1 Region

Estimating the total infrared luminosity of galaxies up to z~2 from mid- and far-infrared observations

Precision Electroweak Measurements and Constraints on the Standard Model

classic papers of the week -- 47

Perturbations of a Cosmological Model and Angular Variations of the Microwave Background

On Closed Shells in Nuclei

  • Mayer, Maria G. (Argonne National Laboratory and Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago)

On the "Magic Numbers" in Nuclear Structure